Library Policy

As a Clearinghouse, the NRFC seeks to share materials and resources gathered from professionals in the fatherhood field and related areas for a range of audiences. While library staff have access to and collect resources from a variety of sources, staff need help identifying appropriate resources created on the local level that may support others in the field. The purpose of this effort is to share knowledge across the country, limiting the need to "reinvent the wheel."

What is included in the library?

NRFC library staff collect an impressive array of literature relating to Responsible Fatherhood, including incarcerated parent curriculum, fact sheets on father absence, and program evaluation research. Our current collection continues to grow, with new resources being added every month. Items selected include peer-reviewed articles, books, evaluation reports, grantee final reports, and program reports.

Items for the collection are selected from various subscription services; found or purchased from national, state or local organization's Websites; collected at national conferences; or published by the Federal government. Staff evaluate all new resources for scope, subject matter and content ensuring relevance for our audiences and appropriateness of the format. Accepted items are abstracted, catalogued, and tagged with key words to assist with automated searching and retrieval on the Website.

These items are then shared via our online library through user searches and pre-determined topical listings. Website visitors view, download or order these materials for activities such as program planning, training, evaluation, and research.

Do you have something you think is appropriate for the library?

While library staff scour various resources seeking items for the collection, it is not possible for staff to have access to all fatherhood related resources. This is where you can help by sharing materials created by your program so that they may be reviewed or used by program staff, resource families, or related professionals for the purpose of improving service delivery for fathers and families. The following are guidelines on what kinds of resources library staff are seeking and how to get these materials into the NRFC library.

For specific information on what information the NRFC is looking for and how to submit resources for consideration visit our Submit a Resource page.

What will the NRFC do with the materials?

Once a new resource is accepted and made available in the library and on the Website, Clearinghouse staff can:

  • Distribute electronic documents free of charge to customers;
  • Copy documents up to 8 ½ x 11 inches at cost ($0.10 per page) to customers (one copy only of copyrighted materials);
  • Refer users to the author or distributor for copies (if the author or distributor wishes to keep control of distribution); or
  • Refer users to the author or distributor to download or purchase copies.

Unfortunately, Clearinghouse staff cannot:

  • Copy anything other than a document (e.g., videotapes, audio tapes, CD ROMs, DVDs);
  • Copy materials in color or larger than 8 ½ x 11 inches;
  • Make multiple copies of copyrighted works without permission;
  • Allow downloads of copyrighted works; or
  • Sell materials for authors or distributors.

The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse staff thank you for your interest and support! Materials you share with us will support knowledge exchange across the country and support the day-to-day work of many Responsible Fatherhood program professionals. If you have questions relating to this policy, please contact library staff at Help@FatherhoodGov.Info or call 1-877-492-3411.

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