Young Fathers Video and Workshop Guide [DVD].

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This DVD and workshop guide are designed to be used to with young parents or teens who are not yet parents. The DVD features a 28-minute documentary on young fathers and seven teachable moment clips from the film that are 1 to 7 minutes each. The documentary focuses on two young fathers and highlights the needs and circumstances of many low-income fathers, including those who have been involved with the criminal justice system. It addresses the challenges of early parenthood, the role of fathers in their children's lives, the need to build solid co-parenting relationships, and attitudes about child support and marriage. The DVD also includes information about the Fathers at Work initiative and the film. An accompanying CD features downloadable discussion guides, lesson plans, activities that can be used with a range of different audiences and settings, and general tips for group facilitators. Finally, the workshop discussion guide provides information about the equipment needed to use the materials, statistics about young fathers, tips for facilitators, and an explanation of the teachable moment clips and connecting learning activities.

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