Working With Urban, African American Fathers: The Importance of Service Provision, Joining, Accountability, the Father-Child Relationship, and Couples Work.

Journal Name
Journal of Family Social Work
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Author (Individual)
Greif, Geoffrey L.
Jones, Joseph T.
Worthy, James.
White, Eddie.
Davis, Will.
Pitchford, Edward.
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Journal Article
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Urban, African American fathers have been a difficult population for social workers and other helping professionals to effectively serve. This article, based on interviews with front-line African American service professionals at a father-focused program, who also participated in writing this article, provides information about and suggestions for working with young fathers. Providing father-friendly service, joining with fathers, holding them accountable for their behavior, and addressing their relationship with their child and the mother of their child through couples work are suggested, along with other interventions. (Author abstract)

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