We Dream A World: The 2025 Vision for Black Men and Boys.

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Tsoi-A-Fatt, Rhonda.
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Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP).
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We Dream A World: The 2025 Vision for Black Men and Boys identifies concrete policy solutions to close educational achievement gaps, ensure workforce success, reduce health disparities, improve conditions for low-income fathers and improve the overall well being of black men, their families and communities. The 2025 Campaign for Black Men and Boys focuses its work in five key areas: education, fatherhood and families, employment and wealth, health, and criminal justice.

We Dream a World is a call to action for America to begin strategically addressing the problems that hinder Black men and boys. It lays out a comprehensive agenda of reform that, if implemented, will significantly change the life trajectory of Black men and boys. This documentshould be used in several significant ways to turn thedream into a true vision by committing to action:

* Policy makers can use the ideas and recommendations presented in this paper to be more intentional about their consideration of the needsof Black males as they deliberate about policies.Evaluate potential policies through a lens of raceand gender, seeking to understand the implicationsof particular policies on Blacks and males.
* Advocates and organizers in communities canuse the ideas and recommendations presentedto work for local change. Elevate leadershipand communities' consciousness and understanding. Help the community to make the connection between their direct actions and change for Black men and boys.
* Direct service organizations can consider howtheir services meet the needs of Black menand boys in their communities. Determineif services may be strengthened to be moreeffective, and identify ways to increase awarenessof Black male issues to leverage partnershipsin the community for the betterment ofBlack males served by your programs. (Author abstract modified)

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