Use of a Social-Ecological Framework to Understand How and Under What Conditions Family Violence Exposure Affects Children's Adjustment (Special issue: Addressing Children's Exposure to Violence in the Home: Linking Innovative Science and Practice).

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Journal of Family Violence
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Low, Sabina.
Mulford, Carrie.
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Journal Article
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The proportion of children experiencing violence in the home is disturbingly high, with many also being victims of violence outside the home. Therefore, smaller, innovative or preliminary studies were invited in order to better understand how exposure to violence across different ecologies independently or interactively influences the risk for maladaptive outcomes. This special issue is predicated on the notion that risk for maladaptive outcomes is contextualized by one's individual traits (e.g., self-regulatory capacities), characteristics of the abuse (e.g., duration), exposure to multiple forms of violence (both within and outside the home), as well as parenting and familial resources (e.g., parents' mental health and abuse history, familial social support). Two of the articles focus on dual victimization in the home, two address factors that modify the relation between child sexual abuse and adjustment, and the last two articles focus on mediators of the relationship between abuse or exposure to IPV and adjustment. Taken together, these articles reflect efforts at elucidating modifiable targets for prevention and intervention purposes, as well as qualities of the individual, family, or the abuse that may aid in tailoring interventions to be maximally effective. (Author abstract)

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