Understanding the Dynamics of Family Change in the United States.

Journal Name
Population Bulletin
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VanOrman, Alicia G.
Scommegna, Paola.
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Journal Article
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In this Population Bulletin, the authors examine trends in U.S. family formation and stability, focusing on differences across racial/ethnic groups and by socioeconomic status. They provide an up-to-date overview of key demographic research on marriage, cohabitation, divorce, and childbearing as well as the processes underlying family change. Data and research on same-sex partnerships and marriages are examined separately because of data limitations (see Box 1, page 4). The authors also address the implications of family structure and stability for children's well-being, and discuss the challenges in designing effective anti-poverty programs and other policies to promote family and child well-being. This report is intended to give decisionmakers a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics of family change and assist them in developing more effective strategies that enable all families in the United States to thrive. (Author abstract modified)

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