Unbalanced: An Autoethnography of Fatherhood in Academe.

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Journal of Family Communication
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Dillon, Patrick J.
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Journal Article
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This autoethnography describes my experiences as a doctoral student in a communication program and the father of a young child. In particular, this manuscript focuses on my struggles to maintain a sense of balance between the seemingly oppositional "callings" of fatherhood and academe. Using Rambo's (Ronai, 1992) "layered account," I weave together a series of scenes from my experience as a new parent and graduate student during the last two years. The story moves back and forth through time and is written from a variety of perspectives and roles, including father, graduate student, husband, and ethnographer. By intermingling these time periods and voices through autoethnography, I endeavor to move beyond personal experience and comment on the larger social, cultural, and structural factors that influence the experiences of fathers in academe. (Author abstract)

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