Turning the corner on father absence in Black America.

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Morehouse Research Institute.
Institute for American Values.
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This project largely stems from conversations that began in 1996 and 1997 involving ObieClayton of the Morehouse Research Institute, Ron Mincy of the Ford Foundation, David Blankenhorn of the Institute for American Values, and others.From these discussions, three questions emerged. First, what are the best ways to supportthe growing fatherhood movement in the African American community - a movement thatis relatively ignored by the national media, but which is transforming the lives of many young, poorly educated fathers? Second, is it time for the nation's prominent African American scholars and leading experts on the African American family to come together to assist this movement? And finally, is it possible for this movement to make common cause- intellectually, morally, and organizationally - with a broad spectrum of other fatherhood and civic leaders?The result of these deliberations was the Morehouse Conference on African American Fathers, held at Morehouse College in Atlanta on November 4 - 6, 1998. This 'statement' continues the conversation about how best to respond to the challenge of fatherabsence in the African American community.

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