Tips for Dads: Re-Connecting with Your Kids after a Long Absence.

Year Published
Author (Individual)
Mederos, F.
Author (Organization)
Fatherhood Initiative, Massachusetts Department for Children and Families.
Resource Type
Fact Sheet
Resource Format
Getting back into regular contact with your kids after a long absence is a special challenge. Many men feel defeated by the past or discouraged because they haven’t kept up with their kids. However, fathers matter a lot to kids, even if they have been absent. Knowing who your father is and that he cares for you is crucial. Kids get part of their identity from their fathers. If the only thing they have is absence, they can imagine it’s their fault or that they didn’t measure up in some way. As the father, you can do things for your child that no one else can. Here are some things to keep in mind. (Author abstract)

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