In Their Own Words: Early Head Start Fathers.

Journal Name
Psychology of Men & Masculinity (Special Section: Recent Research on Fathering)
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Year Published
Author (Individual)
Hayes, Deborah.
Jones, David A.
Silverstein, Louise Bordeaux.
Auerbach, Carl F.
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Journal Article
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This article presents data from the qualitative interviews of seven low-income ethnic minority men who participated in an Early Head Start (EHS) program for fathers in an economically depressed urban area in the North East. The two goals of the study were to understand the men's subjective experiences of growing up and becoming fathers and to identify the elements of the fathering program that maintained their participation over many years. The study used a semistructured interview format. The authors used grounded theory methodology to analyze the data. The narrative data suggest the ways that deprivation in family and community resources generated significant challenges to becoming successful fathers. The findings also describe how one Early Head Start fathering program acted to remediate past and current deficits. The authors suggest that social policies must offer a long-term program of multiple social supports in order for men from severely disadvantaged communities to maintain positive father involvement. (Author abstract)

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