Teen Fathers Today.

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Gottfried, Ted.
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Every baby that is born has a father as well as a mother. As obvious as that seems, when it comes to teen parents-- particularly unmarried teen parents-- the father often gets lost in the shuffle. The focus is on the infant, as it should be, and on the mother who has gone through the rigors of childbirth and now faces the sometimes overwhelming responsibilities of motherhood. Nevertheless, the young father also has feelings and worries and responsibilities to face. He too may feel overwhelmed and alone, but actually he is one of many adolescent males who finds themselves in this situation.

Being faced with fatherhood as a teen raises questions that most young fathers have probably never considered: How do I feel about this baby, or about babies in general? How much of the decision to keep the baby is mine? What is it really like to be a dad? What are my responsibilities? How will my life change? Who can I talk to about these things? They are important questions, and the answers will vary depending upon the individual and his circumstances.

Author Ted Gottfried uses first hand accounts and government, clinical, and other records to tell the stories of a variety of teen fathers. He reassures readers, whether faced with the dilemma of teen fatherhood or not, that an often frightening, dreaded situation can sometimes be transformed into a rewarding experience. (Author abstract)

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