Systematic Review of Father Involvement and Child Outcomes in Pediatric Chronic Illness Populations

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Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings
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Taylor, S., Fredericks, E., Janisse, H. & Cousino, M.
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Journal Article
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The overall objective of this paper was to systematically review and synthesize the emerging literature investigating the role of father involvement in pediatric outcomes among chronic illness populations. This review sought to answer the following questions: (1) what measures are used to assess father involvement in pediatric chronic illness populations, and who is the respondent, and (2) how is father involvement associated with child psychosocial and health related outcomes in pediatric chronic illness populations? Most findings indicate that better outcomes are associated with more father involvement in illness and non-illness related activities, and higher father–child relationship quality. Contradictory findings may be due to the quality of the involvement being assessed, or the possibility that fathers become more involved with illness tasks in response to their child’s poorer health outcomes. Future research should include the development and use of psychometrically sound measures of father involvement and employ more diverse samples with rigorous methodology.

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