A Systematic Approach to Improving the Engagement of Fathers in Child Safeguarding.

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Child Abuse Review
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Scourfield, Jonathan
Smail, Pat
Butler, Dan.
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Journal Article
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Increasing the involvement of fathers in child safeguarding is an issue which has seen relatively little practice innovation in mainstream services. This article concerns a bold attempt to improve practice in this domain through a systemic approach. Key findings are presented from an evaluation of a Fatherhood Institute project in six English local authorities. The intervention was positively received and the self-efficacy of children's services staff improved on most measures as a result of training. However, not all planned aspects of the project could be implemented. The article reflects on the challenge of achieving practice change in these areas – both child safeguarding and engaging fathers – where established practices are deep-rooted. There is also reflection on the challenge of public service innovation in a context of austerity. (Author abstract)

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