Surviving Deployment : a Guide for Military Families (Part of Deployment Family Kit).

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Pavlicin, Karen M.
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This guide for military families provides information on deployment and strategies for coping with family separation. The first section of the book discusses types of deployment and the phases and stages of deployment that families go through. The three phases include: pre-deployment/preparation, including the stages of shock, denial, and anger, the anticipation of loss, and emotional detachment; deployment/separation, including the stages of disorientation/depression, adaptation, anticipation of homecoming, and deployment extension; and post-deployment/homecoming-reunion, including the stages of the honeymoon and renegotiation/reintegration. The following section describes logistical, relational, and emotional preparation for the deployment, and creating a basic budget and a deployment budget. Section 3 focuses on separation and gives tips for coping with housework, staying healthy, tools that are needed around the house, communicating during a deployment, meeting the needs of children, and participating in community support activities. The final section considers the homecoming and provides strategies for planning for the reunion and coping with expectations and anxieties.

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