Stronger Communities, Safer Children: Findings from recent Australian research on the importance of community in keeping children safe.

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Australian Government.
Australian Institute of Family Studies.
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This report summarizes findings from a number of research reports relevant to the theme of Australian National Child Protection Week 2016 “Stronger Communities, Safer Children”. Key messages are shared from research on building safe and supportive families and communities for children in Australia, building safe and supportive families and communities for Indigenous children in Australia, and what children value in their communities and what changes children would like to see in their communities. A paper on the concept of community capacity is also summarized, as well as a paper that applies a community development framework to understand effective strategies for reducing risks and enhancing Indigenous children’s safety and well-being, a paper that clarifies what community engagement involves, how it relates to other ideas and practices, and the role it can play in improving outcomes for children and families, and a paper on Child Aware Approaches. Finally, a summary is provided of a research project that explores key factors that contribute to positive child outcomes in communities where positive outcomes may be unexpected.

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