The Strengths Perspective: Providing Opportunities for Teen Parents and Their Families to Succeed.

Journal Name
Journal of Family Strengths
Journal Volume
Journal Issue
1; art. 11
Page Count
Year Published
Author (Individual)
Ricks, Nila.
Resource Type
Journal Article
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The majority of teen pregnancy literature and practice is deficit based, focusing on the consequences of teen pregnancy; significantly less research is devoted to the teens’ strengths. This article discusses the strengths-based perspective as a viable framework for clinicians and school social workers to implement to help teen parents and their families ameliorate some of the challenges they encounter. This article emphasizes the importance of clinicians, school social workers, and the community to adopt a strengths-based perspective when working with teen parents in order to cultivate strengths and opportunities for success. This article also provides specific strategies for practitioners to implement in order to identify and build strengths among teen parents and their families. An overview of the pivotal role academic institutions have in maximizing strengths through school-based services is also presented. (Author abstract)

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