Stickin' To, Watchin' Over, and Gettin' With: An African American Parent's Guide to Discipline.

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Stevenson, Howard.
Davis, Gwendolyn.
Abdul-Kabir, Saburah.
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This book provides African American parents with guidance for protecting their children from racist hostility while at the same time teaching children character and responsibility. It begins by explaining the following three key ingredients of effective discipline: stickin' to unconditional love and support, watchin' over by providing loving supervision, and gettin' with by providing loving confrontation and accountability. It then discusses myths about African American parents, the effects of racism, and integrating Black cultural style into parenting. Chapter 1 highlights the need for parents to know their individual self and their cultural self, the warning signs of excess personal baggage, strategies for strengthening the end of your emotional rope, and giving children cultural pride reinforcement. Chapters 2 through 4 describe child development and appropriate discipline techniques for toddlers and preschoolers, for elementary school-age children, and for preteens. Chapter 5 combines the three ingredients of effective discipline to provide advice for parents of teenagers. The social images and consequences of being a Black teenager are discussed, as well as techniques for countering cool and dealing with social and law enforcement authorities. A list for additional resources for child rearing and discipline is included. 21 references.

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