Stay-At-Home Dads : The Essential Guide to Creating the New Family.

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Gill, Libby.
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Chapter 1. Who's Minding the Kids?; Chapter 2. Profiles in Parenting: The Top 6 Reasons Dad Stays Home With the Kids; Chapter 3. Your Business Plan for Becoming a Stay-at-Home Dad and Working Mom Family; Chapter 4. How to Make It on One Income, and Other Minor Miracles; Chapter 5. Mr. Mom & Ms. Breadwinner: Overcoming the Stereotypes; Chapter 6. Dad and Mom Parenting Styles-- and the Kids Who Benefit From Both; Chapter 7. Career Planning for the Role-Reversed Couple: Finding the Work-Family Balance; Chapter 8. Sexual Sparks in the SAHD/WM Marriage; Chapter 9. Summing It All Up: The ABC's of Successful Role Reversal; Chapter 10. Tips From the Trenchs.

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