The State of America's Children: 2015 Research Study. A Report to Congress and the Nation.

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American Humane Association.
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This report presents findings from an in-depth qualitative exploration of adults’ perceptions of the threats facing children. Surveys were conducted with geographically, ethnically, and age-diverse group of parents, step-parents, grandparents, step-grandparents, grown siblings, aunts, uncles and other adults (n=100) on a wide range of topics including: top perceived threats to the welfare, wellness and well-being of today’s children, barriers currently in their path can interfere with the future of young people, physical and emotional issues, including health, obesity, bullying, and teen pregnancy , educational issues, drugs and alcohol, crime and violence, parenting, governmental and environmental issues, financial issues, and the current treatment of America’s children. Findings indicate: respondents thought educational concerns, physical and emotional threats, bad parenting/no moral values, and drugs/alcohol were top threats to children; specific concerns that parents were very concerned or extremely concerned about included texting while driving, an absence of good adult supervision, illicit drugs, and bullying; and a majority agreed or strongly agreed with statements indicating children in America go hungry, have opportunities to achieve in life, and have access to health care. Findings also indicate only 24% of the adults believed children in America are physically healthy, only 37% believed they are emotionally healthy, and 42% believed they have access to mental health care. The report closes with a chart detailing the efforts by the American Humane Association to protect children from 1877 to 2015.

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