Special Fatherhood Issue.

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Professional Development: The International Journal of Continuing Social Work Education
Journal Volume
4 ; 5
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Year Published
Author (Individual)
Dudley, James R.
Fagan, Jay
Rosenthal, Seymour J.
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Journal Article
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This journal issue focuses on fatherhood and addressing the needs of fathers in social work practice. It begins by discussing the dangers facing fatherhood in the United States, and identifying fathers whose parenting roles could be at-risk. The need for a special approach to reach fathers is emphasized, and a holistic approach is described that that builds on fathers' strengths, is culturally sensitive, considers many system levels of intervention, and promotes a broad base of support for fatherhood. Social movements supporting fatherhood are summarized, and pertinent fatherhood literature is reviewed. Following articles address: (1) federal and State policy initiatives intended to strengthen fatherhood in the United States, the history of fatherhood policy, and implications for practitioners working with fathers and families; (2) the experiences of a fatherhood initiative developed in Davidson County, North Carolina, to help non-custodial and teen fathers, and fathers who are non-compliant in paying their child support; (3) the reform of family laws in Ohio to promote greater involvement by fathers after divorce; (4) the personal and cultural characteristics of unmarried fathers, their parenting patterns, and program initiatives that are important in reaching these fathers; and (5) findings from in-depth interviews conducted with unwed fathers and mothers at six-week and three-month interval points following the child's birth. The journal closes with a list of websites of fatherhood organizations and reviews of two recently published books on fatherhood.

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