Socialization Values and Parenting Practices as Predictors of Parental Involvement in Their Children's Educational Process.

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Early Education and Development
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Kikas, Eve.
Tulviste, Tiia.
Peets, Kätlin.
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Journal Article
Research Findings: The purpose of this study was to examine associations between parental socialization values (including inconsistency in values), parenting practices, and parental involvement in their children's education. Altogether 242 Estonian mothers and fathers of first-grade children participated in the study. We found that mothers were overall more involved in their children's education than fathers. Whereas emphasis on social values at home was related to paternal and (marginally) to maternal home-based academic involvement, emphasis on self-direction values at home among mothers was related to their home-based general involvement. Also, inconsistency in family socialization values had a negative impact on paternal involvement. Finally, positive practices were most consistently related to all types of involvement among mothers and fathers. Practice or Policy: The findings of the present study emphasize the importance of concordance in mother-father values. For teachers, it emphasizes the need to cooperate with both spouses and to discuss broader topics, including their values and practices. The results additionally indicate the importance of finding ways to enhance collaboration with less-educated parents. The results have practical implications for teachers who can potentially help parents to become more involved in their children's education. (Author abstract)

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