Social Change and Fathering: Change or Continuity in Vietnam?

Journal Name
Journal of Family Issues
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Jayakody, Rukmalie.
Phuong, Pham Thi Thu.
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Journal Article
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Dramatic social changes have restructured virtually all aspects of Vietnam society. Although the economic consequences of these changes are well documented, little is known about how family roles and relationships have been affected. Because social and cultural contexts powerfully shape conceptions of parenting, the accelerated rate of social change in Vietnam may have reconfigured notions of fatherhood and fathering. Through increased globalization, Western notions of the modern, involved father and these more egalitarian views of household relationships may indicate a more involved father in Vietnam today. However, Vietnam's strong Confucian heritage, its kinship structure, and its unique history could limit the adoption of fathers as equal co-parents. This article examines changes over time in attitudes toward the father role and the extent of father involvement. (Author abstract)

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