The Role of the Father in Child Development. 4th Edition.

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Lamb, Michael E.
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Chapter 1: The Role of the Father: An Introduction. Chapter 2: Two Dimensions of Fatherhood: A History of the Good Dad-Bad Dad Complex. Chapter 3. African American and African Caribbean Fathers: Level, Quality, and Meaning of Involvement. Chapter 4: Latino Fathers: Unchartered Territory in Need of Much Exploration. Chapter 5: Social Science and Public Policy Perspectives on Fatherhood in the European Union. Fathering in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean Cultures: A Review of the Research Literature. Chapter 7: Fathers in Forager, Farmer, and Pastoral Cultures. Chapter 8. Fathers in Family Context: Effects of Marital Quality and Marital Conflict. Chapter 9: Paternal Involvement by U.S. Residential Fathers: Levels, Sources, and Consequences. Chapter 10: The Development and Significance of Father-Child Relationships in Two-Parent Families. Chapter 11: Fathering and Children's Peer Relationships. Chapter 12: The Effects of Divorce on Fathers and Children: Nonresidential Fathers and Stepfathers. Chapter 13: Fathers in Fragile Families. Chapter 14: Gay Fathers. Chapter 15: Fathers in Violent Homes. Chapter 16: Intervention: Changing the Nature and Extend of Father Involvement. Chapter 17: The Impact of Workplace Practices on Father Involvement.

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