The Risky Situation: A Procedure for Assessing the Father-Child Activation Relationship.

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Early Child Development and Care
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1 & 2
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Paquette, Daniel.
Bigras, Marc.
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Journal Article
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Initial validation data are presented for the Risky Situation (RS), a 20-minute observational procedure designed to assess the father-child activation relationship with children aged 12-18 months. The coding grid, which is simple and easy to use, allows parent-child dyads to be classified into three categories and provides an activation score. By having the same parent-child dyads participate in the Strange Situation (SS) and in the RS, researchers were able to demonstrate that the RS appears to evoke specific relationship patterns. Moreover, parental stimulation of risk-taking, the central construct of the RS, was shown to play a significant role after controlling for child characteristics (sex and temperament). These results suggested that the RS has the potential to make a significant contribution to the study of the human relationship. (Author abstract)

Note: This article is part of the journal special issue entitled Emerging Topics on Father Attachment: Considerations in Theory, Context and Development.

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