Rethinking Services for Young Fathers.

Journal Name
Fathering: A Journal of Theory, Research, and Practice About Men as Fathers
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Deslauriers, Jean-Martin.
Devault, Annie.
Groulx, Annie-Pier.
Sévigny, Richard.
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Journal Article
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This article presents research results concerning the relationships young fathers have with social service organizations, in particular, those which offer assistance specifically tailored to young fathers' needs or those responsible for child and youth protection. These results are drawn from a broader qualitative study in which interview and focus-group data were collected from fathers who had had a child at an early age. A literature review first provides an overview of various facets of the experience of young fathers and of the services they need. The literature and the voices of young fathers together point to key issues, which are highlighted in the discussion. (Author abstract)

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