A Reorientation of Worldview: Children's Influence on Fathers.

Journal Name
Journal of Family Issues
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Author (Individual)
Daly, Kerry J.
Ashbourne, Lynda.
Brown, Jaime L.
Resource Type
Journal Article
We report on a Canadian partnership-based, multiyear, multisite project that examined the diverse experience of father involvement. Based on a sample of 215 fathers, an analysis team identified key themes of father involvement. Qualitative interviews were conducted within seven, geographically dispersed groups that included new fathers, young fathers, immigrant fathers, gay fathers, fathers of children with special needs, indigenous fathers, and separated and divorced fathers. A core track of questioning asked fathers about the way that children had influenced their attitudes and activities. The findings reported here indicate that fathers undergo a reorientation of values and behavior in response to the influence of their children. Specifically, they articulate redefined priorities and an altered sense of purpose, a different awareness of what it means to be a man, changed relationships and a rebalancing of the importance of self and other, and a reorientation toward time and scheduling of their everyday lives. (Author abstract)

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