Re:Membering Fatherhood: Evaluating the Impact of a Group Intervention on Fathering.

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Journal for Specialists in Group Work
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Gearing, Robin Edward.
Colvin, Geordie.
Popova, Svetlana.
Regehr, Cheryl.
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Journal Article
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The Re:Membering Fatherhood Program is designed for men wanting to address and improve their fathering experience. The primary focus is to enhance the personal parenting capacity of each individual, not to develop or inculcate a specific set of parenting skills. This exploratory study evaluated the efficacy of an eight-week, manualized intervention using pre- and post-test measures. Scores on standardized measures demonstrated significant improvements for fathers and their participation within the family, including role performance, involvement, communication, task accomplishment within the family, self-esteem, a sense of increased competence and decreased stress in parenting. Significant changes were not observed in affective expression, competence, or global self-esteem. (Author abstract)

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