The Relationship Between Adolescent and Young Fathers' Capital and Marital Plans of Couples Expecting a Baby.

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Family relations
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Fagan, Jay.
Schmitz, Mark F.
Lloyd, Jacqueline J.
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Journal Article
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We examined the relationship between fathers' human, social, and financial capital and future marital plans among 176 pregnant adolescent mothers and the fathers of their babies. Fathers' social capital proved to be the most significant resource in relation to marital plans. Mothers and fathers were significantly more likely to plan to marry when the father was involved in the pregnancy and when there was less couple conflict. Couples were more likely to agree about marriage when the mother and father agree that the father was involved in these aspects of parenting and when the couple agrees about high level of parenting alliance. Healthy Marriage initiatives should target young fathers' social capital as well as plans for marriage. (Author abstract)

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