Recurrent disruptions of rituals and routines in families with paternal alcohol abuse.

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Family relations.
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Haugland, Bente Storm Mowatt.
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Journal Article
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Changes in rituals and routines between drinking and sobriety were examined in families in treatment due to paternal alcohol abuse. Information was gathered through a semistructured family interview. Recurrent disruptions of rituals and routines were found between different phases in the drinking cycle. Disruptions were found typically with regard to the fathers' participation in rituals and routines, the parental roles and responsibility, the affective quality of the rituals, and the general family climate. Four categories of families were distinguished based on amount and type of disruptions in family rituals and routines (i.e. protecting, emotional disruptive, exposing, and chaotic families). Implications for intervention are described. (Author abstract) 48 references, 2 tables.

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