“Real Heroes Care”: How Dad Bloggers Are Reconstructing Fatherhood and Masculinities

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Men and Masculinities
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Scheibling, C.
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Journal Article
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“Dad bloggers” are an emerging community of fathers in North America. These men use social media to document and discuss their experiences as parents and gather annually at the Dad 2.0 Summit. A central topic of discussion both online and offline is how involved fathers negotiate and rework gender roles and expectations. This study examines how dad bloggers create and engage with discourse about masculinities. Using blog posts, fieldwork observations, and interviews as data, qualitative findings are presented illustrating the ways in which dad bloggers challenge traditional notions of masculinity, construct “caring masculinities,” and adopt a pro-feminist perspective. Despite certain tensions and contradictions within the community, the author argues that dad bloggers are reconstructing fatherhood and masculinities in ways that promote care and equality overall.

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