Positive Reentry After Incarceration.

Session Date and Time
Summit Session Moderator(s)
Tanya Howell, Family Assistance Program Specialist, Office of Family Assistance, Washington, D.C.
Summit Session Presenter(s)
Lindsey Cramer, Research Associate, The Urban Institute, Washington, D.C.
Dontre Crawford, Program Participant, Family ReEntry, Young Fathers Reentry Project, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Darin Goff, Program Director, Washington State Department of Corrections, Turnwater, Washington
Daee McKnight, Program Manager, Family ReEntry, Inc., Young Fathers Reentry Project, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Year Published
Author (Individual)
Lindsey. Goff
Darin. McKnight
Da'ee Muhammand. Crawford
Author (Organization)
The Urban Institute. Washington State Department of Corrections. Family ReEntry
Inc. Young Fathers Reentry Project.
Resource Type
Fatherhood Summit Session
Resource Format
Resource Language
Research has shown that fathers returning to their families and communities after incarceration often face multiple challenges, including lack of housing or employment, large child support debt, and complicated family relationships. This discussion will explore a variety of ways in which fatherhood programming can help returning fathers and their families overcome these challenges.
The panel includes a researcher, two practitioners, and a program participant who will highlight strategies for providing reentry services and support for returning fathers. Based on Urban Institute research, the session will offer key considerations and recommendations for correctional agencies and community organizations looking to implement effective practices to facilitate formerly incarcerated fathers’ positive reentry to their families and communities. The panel will also provide a list of helpful resources.

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