Plenary II: Uplifting Low-Income Fathers – The Context for Changing Hearts, Minds, Behaviors, and Outcomes

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National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse
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Master teacher and clinical psychologist Dr. Adolph Brown discussed how low-income fathers are a greatly misunderstood population and how these fathers are overlooked in discussions of poverty and economic vulnerability—often being viewed as the cause of social problems rather than as having been abandoned by society.

In this highly engaging plenary, Dr. Brown presented a more comprehensive picture of the significant obstacles and trauma low-income fathers experience. Participants learned about how to “lead with compassion” by offering services and interventions to fathers that overcome faulty perceptions, implicit bias, stereotype threat, re-traumatization, egocentrism, and blind spots.

Dr. Brown took us on a journey of professional- and self-revelation. Participants gained strategies to create and sustain healthy, supportive, positive, and safe service environments that truly inspire fathers to be their very best for themselves and their families. Participants left this session as better service provider and better human beings!

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