The PC Dads Guide to Becoming a Computer-Smart Parent.

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Ivey, Mark.
Bond, Ralph.
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Chapter 1: Taming the Mouse: Developing the Habits of Computer-Smart Parents. Chapter 2: Buying a PC: Understanding the Lingo, Being a Smart PC Shopper. Chapter 3: Upgrade or Move On? What to Do With an Old PC. Chapter 4: Where the Rubber Hits the Road: Buying Software That Makes Sense for Your Family. Chapter 5: Driver's Ed on the Internet, Part I: Learning Basic Concepts and Lingo. Chapter 6: Driver's Ed on the Internet, Part II: How to Go Online, Get Around and Communicate With Friends and Strangers. Chapter 7: Jump-Starting Your Child Into the Digital Age: Tips, Strategies and Suggestions for Busy Parents. Chapter 8. See Spot Run (and Surf): Computers, Reading and Writing. Chapter 9: Beyond MTV and Video Games: Thinking Straight: How the PC Can Help Develop Critical Thinking. Chapter 10: Raising a Computer-Smart Daughter: Growing Computer Skills, Growing Self-Esteem. Chapter 11: Boys, Game Addiction and Violent Software: Raising a Good Son in the Age of Entertainment. Chapter 12: Making Cyberspace Safe, Part I: Protecting Kids Online. Chapter 13: Making Cyberspace Safe, Part II: Dark Alleys Ahead: Chat Rooms, Bulletin Boards and Unsolicited E-Mail. Chapter 14: Street Smarts: Using the PC to Teach Life Skills. Chapter 15. The Winding Road Ahead: Managing the New Challenges of the Digital Age.

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