Paternal Work Stress and the Mental Health of Fathers and Children: A Role for Urban and Rural Migration Patterns.

Journal Name
Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health
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Author (Individual)
Maggi, Stefania.
Ostry, Aleck.
Roberts, William.
D'Angiulli, Amedeo.
Hertzman, Clyde.
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Journal Article
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How paternal influences interact with community factors to determine adolescent mental health is currently not well understood. In the current study we present a unique analysis of how paternal work stress, mental health, ethnicity, work history, and migration patterns between rural and urban communities (or vice versa) are associated with mental health outcomes among 2,342 adolescents. Path analyses revealed that fathers' relocation was associated with less paternal work stress, and fewer mental health problems both in adolescents and their fathers. These findings contribute to our understanding of how family-level variables interplay with community characteristics to promote or hinder mental health among youth. (Author abstract)

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