Parenting Infants and Toddlers Today: Research Findings Based on A Survey Among Parents of Children Ages Birth to Three Years Old.

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Hart Research Associates.
Zero to Three.
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What has a more powerful influence on how parents raise their young children: the way they were raised or their faith? What roles do professionals and friends play in shaping parents? views on childrearing? What impact is the economic downturn having on child care arrangements for young families? These questions and more are some of the issues addressed in a new national parent survey of 1,615 parents of children from birth to 3 years conducted for ZERO TO THREE by Peter Hart Research. The survey was designed to explore the issues and challenges that parents of young children confront today, gaps in knowledge about early development, sources of information and support to which parents turn, and factors that influence their approaches to parenting. The survey was conducted between June 4th and 11th 2009 and was funded by MetLife Foundation. The research includes an oversample of 200 African American and 200 Hispanic parents. (Author abstract)

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