Parent Concordance and Fathers' Persistence Through Pregnancy in a Prenatal Program Sample [32R].

Journal Name
Obstetrics & Gynecology
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Year Published
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Robinson, Nuriya.
Jackson, Ashaki.
Celaya, Anna.
Saleeby, Erin.
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Journal Article
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Single parent households are common and their impact is greatest in underserved communities where racial and ethnic minorities primarily reside. Paternal parental involvement has been shown to improve a child's behavioral, social and mental health, while their absence fuels school dropout, incarceration, violence and drug involvement. This study describes a father's intention for involvement in the pregnancy and the baby's life across different couple types. Data was collected from interviews with pregnant women enrolling in MAMAs, a prenatal care program at a Los Angeles County Health facility, from December 2013 to August 2016. The study concluded that intentions for paternal involvement during and after pregnancy differ significantly based on parental race and ethnic concordance. Children with discordant parents are at higher risk for absent fathers. Pregnant women with discordant partners may benefit from increased social support during prenatal care and throughout the child's life. (Author abstract modified)

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