Parent-Child Relations and Children's Psychological Well-Being : Do Dads Matter?

Journal Name
Journal of family issues
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Videon, Tami M.
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Journal Article
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This study explores the unique influence of fathers on adolescents' psychological well-being. Analyses are based on a nationally representative sample (Add Health) of students in Grades 7 through 12 living in intact homes. Results of multivariate analyses reveal that the father-adolescent relationship has an independent impact on adolescents' psychological well-being beyond the mother-adolescent relationship. Comparatively, the magnitude of effect was similar for mothers and fathers on sons' and daughters' well-being. Examining the dynamic nature of parent-adolescent relations through time revealed that adolescents have more volatile relations with fathers than with mothers. Changes in adolescent's satisfaction with the father-adolescent relationship significantly influence fluctuations in son's and daughter's psychological well-being; this effect persists after controlling for changes in mother-adolescent relationships. These findings underscore fathers' unique direct contribution to their children's psychological well-being. (Author abstract).

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