Panic Disorder And Fatherhood: Anxiety In The Dad.

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Paternal Postnatal Psychiatric Illnesses.
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Misri, S.
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Journal Article
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Panic attacks bring on intense fear or discomfort which can reach its peak within minutes. Specifically, symptoms of losing control, going crazy, or dying are very disconcerting and often cause people to seek help in the middle of the night. In Angelo’s case, the episodes of panic related to the arrival of the baby were completely unexpected. Also, having not been diagnosed with these episodes when he lived in Nicaragua, their appearance in his early 30s came as a complete shock. Another symptom that was unexplainable was feelings of dizziness and numbness and tingling. A few times, he woke Raphaella with this very uncomfortable sensation; however, because the baby was so young and was waking up through the night, Angelo’s own suffering and distress took a backseat. The particular night when the ambulance was called, he was experiencing a sense of unreality and felt that he was outside of his own body, looking at himself, with feelings of depersonalization.

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