Nonresident Father Visitation, Parental Conflict, and Mother's Satisfaction : What's Best for Child Well-Being?

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Journal of marriage and family
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King, Valarie.
Heard, Holly E.
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Journal Article
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This study examines the interrelationship of nonresident father visitation, parental conflict over this visitation, and the mother's satisfaction with the father's visitation. We consider the prevalence and characteristics of diverse family types defined by these interrelated processes and the implications of these arrangements for child adjustment, global well-being, and behavior problems. Data come from the first wave of the National Survey of Families and Households, from mothers in households with children younger than 18 years old who had a father living elsewhere. Results show that a variety of family constellations exist. Children are least well off in families in which mothers are dissatisfied with high levels of father contact. (Author abstract).

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