Modeling and Compensatory Processes Underlying Involvement in Child Care Among Kibbutz-Reared Fathers.

Journal Name
Journal of Family Issues
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Gaunt, Ruth.
Bassi, Liat.
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Journal Article
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This study examined modeling and compensatory processes underlying the effects of an early paternal model on father involvement in child care. Drawing on social learning theory, it was hypothesized that father-son relationships would moderate the association between a father's involvement and his own father's involvement. A sample of 136 kibbutz father-son dyads completed extensive questionnaires. Findings provided evidence for modeling effects on the socio-emotional care dimension, whereas imitation of highly involved fathers occurred simultaneously with compensation for relatively uninvolved fathers on the physical care and responsibility dimensions. As predicted, imitation was more likely in close father-son relationships. These findings shed light on the role of paternal model and attest to the importance of differentiating various forms of involvement. (Author abstract)

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