A Model of Fathers' Behavioral Involvement in Child Care in Dual-Earner Families.

Journal Name
Journal of family psychology
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Year Published
Author (Individual)
Bonney, Jennifer F.
Kelley, Michelle L.
Levant, Ronald F.
Resource Type
Journal Article
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Fathers and mothers (n = 120) of preschool-aged children completed 2 measures assessing fathers' behavioral involvement in child care (i.e., the amount of time that the father was the child's primary caregiver and the number of child-care tasks performed). The results reaffirm the findings from previous studies that father's long work hours can be a barrier to greater participation in child care but that mothers' extended work hours serve to increase father participation in child care. Women's perception of their husbands' competence as parents and marital satisfaction also explain fathers' involvement. Fathers' gender role ideology and attitudes about the fathers' role appear important for fathers' involvement in child care, and findings indicate that men's involvement may be more self-determined than previously believed. (Author abstract).

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