Married Black Men's Observations of Fathers' Teachings About Husbandhood.

Journal Name
Personal Relationships
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Year Published
Author (Individual)
Hurt, Tera R.
Shears, Jeffrey K.
O'Connor, Margaret C.
Hodge, Sharon B.
Resource Type
Journal Article
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It is important to investigate the ways in which sons learn about marriage from men, including biological fathers, male relatives, and social fathers. This study's purpose is to explore Black sons' observations of fathers' teachings about husbandhood. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 52 married Black men who participated in the Pathways to Marriage project in 2010. Findings highlighted developmental pathways and family processes related to modeling husbandhood, demonstrating trust and commitment, managing conflict, protecting and providing, displaying teamwork and partnership, showing love and affection, and imparting beliefs and values. Implications and recommendations for future studies are also discussed. (Author abstract)

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