Male Socialization : Why the Fathers of Tomorrow Need Our Attention Today.

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Minnesota Fathers & Families Network.
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A growing body of evidence points to the important benefits of a strong father-child relationship. Among these benefits are higher levels of school performance and increases in healthy behaviors. Children who lack a positive relationship with a father or father-figure demonstrate higher levels of teen pregnancy, increased juvenile delinquency, and lower academic achievement. This link between father-involvement and child-wellbeing elevates the importance of educating and socializing boys to become competent fathers. Therefore, in February 2005, the Minnesota Fathers & Families Network (MFFN) hosted a roundtable meeting to explore the societal influences that prepare boys for manhood and fatherhood. In particular, the meeting explored the role of Minnesota's university faculty/staff and researchers. This Web page includes the notes and the Web links to resource documents from the roundtable meeting. (Author abstract)

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