Longing for Dad: Father Loss and Its Impact.

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Erickson, Beth M.
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Whether you lost your father through death or divorce, or you wished he would have said "I love you" instead of merely being a good provider, you may harbor unresolved hurt in your soul. This hurt--father hunger--masquerades as other symptoms du jour like low self-esteem, fear of intimacy, marital strife, poor work performance, or addictions to food, sex or alcohol.

Dr. Beth Erickson shows you how to identify, validate and heal the pain surrounding father loss. By sharing compelling case studies of men and women, and her own personal struggle to accept her father's death, she guides you through the healing process. After reading the dialogues and completing action exercises, you will fill the hole in your soul and emerge from the journey at peace with yourself and your relationship with your father. (Author abstract)

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