The Involved Father: Family-Tested Solutions for Getting Dads to Participate More in the Daily Lives of Their Children.

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Frank, Robert.
Livingston, Kathryn E.
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This book begins by discussing the challenges parents face in balancing work and family obligations, the different roles parents play, the imbalance of parental responsibility for children's development, and the need for increased father involvement. The benefits of balanced involvement are described, as well as the characteristics of fair-share parenting. Following chapters discuss: the importance of daily involvement, the power of positive communication, and obstacles that stand in the way of change and change strategies. Chapters 5 through 9 then outline child development and parenting involvement strategies for different childhood stages, including: pregnancy through infancy, the toddler years, ages 3-6, ages 7-12, and ages 13-18. The final chapter emphasizes the importance of fathers in the development of their children, changing the language of parenting, and signs of change. 83 references.

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