The 'Inventory of Father Involvement–Short Form' Among Portuguese Fathers: Psychometric Properties and Contribution to Father Involvement Measurement.

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Psychology of Men & Masculinity (Online First Publication)
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Barrocas, João.
Vieira-Santos, Salomé.
Paixão, Rui.
Roberto, Magda Sofia.
Pereira, Cicero Roberto.
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Journal Article
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The aim of this study was to analyze the psychometric properties of the Portuguese version of the Inventory of Father Involvement–Short Form (IFI-SF) with respect to its factor structure, reliability, and preliminary concurrent and discriminant validity (Study 1), and to confirm the factor structure in a different sample (Study 2). In Study 1, 380 men (M = 42.2, SD = 6.8) completed the IFI-SF translated version, and a subgroup of 92 men also completed the Portuguese versions of the Parenting Stress Index–Short Form, the Parenting Styles and Dimensions Questionnaire–Short Form, and the Paternal Involvement Scale. In Study 2, 220 men (M = 43.1, SD = 6.1) completed the IFI-SF translated version. The results of confirmatory factor analyses (Study 1) found that the Portuguese IFI-SF had a bifactor structure, dissimilar to that of the original version. More specifically, a model depicting a general factor and 9 first-order factors was confirmed, with omega hierarchical coefficients indicating that only an IFI-SF global score should be calculated/interpreted. This structure was confirmed in Study 2. Cronbach’s alpha reliabilities in Study 1 and 2 were .93 and .95 for the global scale, respectively. Moreover, there was preliminary evidence of the scale’s concurrent and discriminant validity. These results indicate that the measure is suitable for use in the Portuguese context with an interpretable global score, and may be a useful tool for research regarding the positive aspects of men’s parental involvement, as such information may also be relevant in cross-cultural studies. (Author abstract)

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