An Innovative Approach to Improving Father-Child Relationships for Fathers who are Noncompliant with Child Support Payments: A Mixed Methods Evaluation.

Journal Name
Journal of Adolescent and Family Health
Journal Volume
Journal Issue
2, Art. 2
Page Count
Year Published
Author (Individual)
Gallagher, John R.
Rycraft, Joan R.
Jordan, Tommy.
Resource Type
Journal Article
Resource Format
Mixed methods were used to evaluate the effectiveness of the Fathers Offering Children Unfailing Support (FOCUS) program. FOCUS is a diversion program which is designed to offer an alternative to incarceration for fathers who are noncompliant with child support payments. Quantitative data were collected through a pretest/posttest design (n = 55) and qualitative data were collected through telephone interviews with FOCUS instructors (n = 2) and community key stakeholders (n = 5) and focus groups with FOCUS participants (n = 76). FOCUS appears to be benefiting children by increasing their fathers’ emotional support, strengthening co-parenting relationships, and promoting their fathers’ parenting skills. (Author abstract)

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