InfoSheet 17: Gatekeeping: Mom as a Pathway to Healthy Father Involvement.

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Minnesota Fathers and Families Network.
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Fact Sheet
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"Gatekeeping" is the term used in this infosheet to describe the mother's behaviors that act as a gate to open or close the door to father involvement. Gatekeeping is not always a bad thing. It can occur for positive reasons (to protect the safety of the child, for example) but it may also happen for reasons unrelated to the child (to punish a father after a break-up, for example).

This infosheet is intended to help professionals engage mothers to engage the fathers of their children in healthy ways. This document provides ideas for working with families to recognize and eliminate or reduce negative gatekeeping behaviors. The focus here on the mother's role in father involvement is not intended to diminish the father's responsibility to participate in the child's upbringing. (Author abstract)

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