Incorporating Thwarted Putative Fathers Into the Adoption Scheme: Illinois Proposes a Solution After the "Baby Richard" Case.

Journal Name
University of Illinois Law Review
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Year Published
Author (Individual)
Hussaini, M. S.
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Journal Article
In 1994, the Illinois Supreme Court affirmed an order dissolving the adoption of "Baby Richard" and returning the child to his biological parents after 3 1/2 years with an adoptive family. This decision prompted the Illinois General Assembly to make significant changes to the State's adoption laws. In an effort to secure the finality of adoptions, the legislature promulgated several new burdens on putative fathers. The author examines the problems faced by courts and legislatures across the United States in addressing the plight of thwarted putative fathers, analyzes the case and the new legislation which it prompted, and evaluates several potential challenges to the new legislation, offering solutions. 308 references. (Author abstract modified)

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