Incarcerated Fathers and Parenting: Importance of the Relationship With Their Children.

Journal Name
Social Work in Public Health
Journal Volume
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Year Published
Author (Individual)
Lee, Chang-Bae.
Sansone, Frank A.
Swanson, Cheryl.
Tatum, Kimberly M.
Resource Type
Journal Article
This study examined the relationships of incarcerated fathers (n = 185) with their children while in a maximum security prison. Despite the attention to parental incarceration and at-risk children, the child welfare and corrections literature has focused mostly on imprisoned mothers and children. Demographic, sentence, child-related, and program participation factors were investigated for their influence on father-child relationships. Multiple regression analyses indicated race and sentence contributed to the father's positive perceptions of contacts with their children. Most important, many, though serving lengthy sentences, valued and perceived a positive father-child relationship. Results are discussed in light of implications for future research and social policy. (Author abstract)

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